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Which River Flows From East to West?

1. What is a Terostrial Planet?
a) Earth b) Uranus c) Jupiter d) Saturn
Ans. Option (a) Earth

2. State and Central Interlink is Mentioned in Which
Ans. Seventh Schedule

3. In Which Year Was Widow Remarriage Act Passed?
Ans. 26th July 1856

4. Which State is The Highest Wind Power Producers of
Ans. State of Tamil Nadu

5. Brihadeshwara Temple in Odisha Belongs to Which
Style of Architecture?
Ans. Dravidian Architecture

6. What is Another Name for Jog Falls?
Ans. Gersoppa Falls

7. Mission Shakti Related Question?

8. Which is The Largest Road Corridor in India from East
to West?
Ans. From Silchar to Porbandar

9. Babur wrote Baburnama in Which Language?
Ans. Chagatai (Turkic) Language

10.Which is The Largest Physiographic Unit of India?
Ans. Depending on Options

11.Why is Turmeric Yellow in Colour?
Ans. Curcumin

12. In Human body which is the largest organ?
Ans. Liver

13. What is The Full Form of ALU?
Ans. Arithmetic Logic Unit

14. in The Central Legislative Assembly When did Bhagat Singh Threw Bombs ?
Ans. April 8, 1929

15. Question Related to Patna Kalam?

16. When Was Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Ans. 15th June 2001

17. Antonio Guterres Belongs to Which Country?
Ans. Portuguese

18. What Type of Tax is GST?
Ans. Indirect Tax

19. Which State Has The Highest Per Capita Income in
India in 2018-19?
Ans. Goa

20. What is The CRY Scheme Related to?
Ans. Child Rights & You is an Indian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that works towards ensuring happier childhoods for all children.

21. In 2019 Elections how many Seats Has BJP Won ?
Ans. 303

22. Right to Property Related Question?

23. What is The Full Form of ILO?
Ans. International Labour Organization

24. Where is The Headquarters of WIPRO?
Ans. Bengaluru

25. Where Was The 1919 Khilafat Movement Started?

26. What is The Name of the Long-Range, All-Weather, Subsonic Cruise Missile Launched on April 15 2019?
Ans. Nirbhay

27. The Air Pollution Act Passed In Which Year?
Ans. 1981

1. Which is not a Scheduled language?
a) Maithili b) Nepali
c) Dongri d)

2. In the following option which is not belongs to any volcano?
a) Krakatova b) Mauna Loa
c) Barren d) Hibruva
Ans. Option (d) Hibrua

3. Who is The First Election Commissioner of India?
Ans. Sukumar Sen (21 March 1950 to 19 December 1958)

4. Grasslands Related Question?

5. What is The Process of UK Exiting from the European
Union & European Atomic Energy Community at the end of 31 January 2020?
Ans. Brexit

6. Who Published Al-Hilal Newspaper?
Ans. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

7. What is The Symbol of Lead?
Ans. Pb

8. Who is red data books?
Ans. The Great Indian bustard

9. Which is The Busiest Sea Port in Europe?
Ans. Port of Rotterdam

10.Which River Flows Through London?
Ans. River Thames

11.Which animal other name is Rana Tigrina?
Ans. Indian Bullfrog

12.Who is The Founder of Indian National Congress?
Ans. Allan Octavian Hume

13.EXIM Bank Was Established in Which Year?
Ans. 1982

14.Who is The Chairman of SEBI?
Ans. Ajay Tyagi

15. Where is The National Institute of Oceanography
Ans. Goa

16. Which port in east?
(a) Kandla (b) Nava Sheva
(c) Tuticorin (d) Kochin
Ans. Option (c) Tuticorin

17. Pratibha Prahlad is Related to Which Dance Form?
Ans. Bharatanatyam

18. Which of the following is not Gandhi written newspaper?

19. Which Revolutionary Newspaper was not published

20. Which of The following is a application software?
a) Windows b) Linux
c) Dos d) MS Office
Ans. Option (d) MS Office

21. Which of the following is  available in Microsoft-
(a) Excel (b) ppt
(c) One note (d) Word
Ans. Option (b) All Of the Above

22. Which River Flows From East to West?

23. Generally, Magnet shows which Direction
(a) North-South (b) North-East
(c) South-West (d) East-West
Ans. Option (a) North-South

24. Where is The Headquarters of RBI?
Ans. Mumbai

25. Right to Property Related Question?

26. DRDO launched which satellite in 2020?
Ans. EMISAT Defense Satellite

27. Who hold the Purple Cap postion in IPL 2020?
Ans. Kagiso Rabada

28. Who is The Author of Mudrarakshasa?

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