Shift 2 8th Jan 2021 NTPC Exam Question Paper Analysis Pdf

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Shift 2 8th Jan 2021 NTPC Exam Question Paper Analysis Pdf

1. 17th Railway Zone in India?
Ans. Kolkata Metro

2. What is the name of white tiger which is recently died in National Park of Maharashtra?
Ans. Bajirao

3. Who is the Prime minister of Mauritius?
Ans. Pravind Jugnauth

4. Buddhist books are also called as?
Ans. tripitikas

5. Political Guru of Gandhi?
Ans. Gopal Krishna gokhale

6. Litinus manufactured from?
? Ans. wood cellulose

7. Rowlat Act Year?
Ans. 1919

8. Longest Railway line in the World?
Ans. Trans-Siberian Railway

9. Which state tops usage of chemical fertilizers in
Ans. West Bengal

10. Oldest Oil Reserve in India?
Ans. digboi

11. Kailash satyarthi related to which movement?
Ans. Bachpan Bachao Andolan

12. UNICEF youngest goodwill Ambassador?
Ans. Millie Bobby Brown

13. Which state tops public affairs index 2020?
Ans. Kerala

14. COBOL Full Form?
Ans. Common Business Oriented Language

15. Top country in UNESCO Press freedom index?
Ans. Norway

16. Which movement is started in the time of Non- corporation movement in India?
Ans. Khilafat movement

17. BHEL Full form?
Ans. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

18. Which gas released during photosynthesis?
Ans. Co2

19. Father of Computers?
Ans. Charles Babbage

20. Mass = 28, velocity = 14, find momentum?
Ans. 392

21. When Simon Commission came to India?
Ans. 1928

22. FTP Full Form?
Ans. File Transfer protocol

23. Ph value of soil?
Ans. 6 to 7

24. What is the currency in China?
Ans. Renminbi

25. What is the weight of Brain?
Ans. 140grams

26. Panchayat Raj date?
Ans. April 24th

27. Hindi Day?
Ans. Sep 14th

28. Father of genetics?
Ans. Gregory Mendel

29. Vitamin B1 deficiency?
Ans. Beriberi

30. Natural indicator of pollution?
Ans. Bio indicators

31. Which is called as Nursery of Bengal Army?
Ans. Awadh

32. What is the HDI rank of India in 2019?
Ans. 131

33. Which is the most popular novel written by
Ans. ghabhan

34. First Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
Ans. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

35. Jharkhand Governor?
Ans. Draupadi Murmu

36. DRDO foundation year?
Ans. 198

37. Greenhouse gas related question?
Ans. chlorofloro carbons

38. Largest Gland in human?
Ans. Liver

39. UNO permanent members?
Ans. 5


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