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1. Who was the President of INC in 1924?
ANS. Gandhi

2. Which is National Technology Day?
ANS. 11 May

3. On which river is the Sardar Sarovar Dam?
ANS. Narmada

4. URL Full Form?
ANS. Uniform Resource Locator

5. Where is the origin of river Godavari?
ANS. Nashik

6. Prime Minister’s security plan launch date
ANS: 9 May 2015.

7. Who built Sanchi Stupa?
ANS. Ashok

8. Irrevocable tunnel length:
ANS. 9.02 km

9. Capital of Indonesia?
ANS. Jakarta

10. pH value of blood?
ANS. 7.35

11. When was the last time India won a gold medal In hockey at the Olympics?
ANS. 29 July 1980

12. DRDO Headquarters?
ANS. new Delhi

13. Laughing gas chemical name?
ANS. Nitrous oxide (N2O)

14. Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated on which river?
answer:. Madhya Pradesh – Chambal River

15. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites there?
ANS. 1121

16. In which year was the All India Muslim League formed?
ANS. 30 December 1906, Dhaka, Bangladesh

17. When was the RBI Act passed?
ANS. 1934

18. What is the code name of Pokhran in 1998?
ANS. Operating power

19. What is the main cause of Hepatitis B?
ANS. Hepatitis B infection is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

20. Who is the cricketer of the year 2020?
ANS. Virat Kohli

21. Bile juice is secreted by
ANS. liver

22. PH value of milk?
ANS. 6.5

23. Hindustan Republican Association was formed?
ANS. 1924

24. When did the Revolt of 1857 end?
ANS. November 1858

25. In which year did Java begin?
ANS. 1995
James gosling

26. When was the RTI Act passed?
ANS. 2005

27. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana?
ANS. 2015

28. Capital of Bihar?
ANS. Patna

29. Hemis National Park is in which state?
ANS. Jammu and Kashmir

30. Youngest President of India?
ANS. Neelam Sanjiv Reddy

31. Where will the Commonwealth Games be held 2022?
ANS. brimingham

32. To whom is Article 112 related?
ANS. Budget

33. When is International Yoga Day celebrated?
ANS. 21 June

34. FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in which country?
ANS. qutar

35. Smallest memory unit of the computer?
Ans – bit

36. Between which places is the Dowar Strait?
ANS. England and France

37. World Elephant Day?
ANS. 12 August

38. In which year Finance Commission started India?
ANS. 1951

39. UNESCO Headquarters
ANS. Paris

40. Longest Road Tunnel?
ANS. Shyama Prasad Tunnel

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