RRB NPTC Questions Date – 05-June -2020 Shift – 1 PDF

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RRB NPTC Questions Date – 05-June -2020 Shift – 1 PDF

Exam Syllabus Provide complete syllabus for competitive exam, in this post we provide RRB NTPC official questions on date 05 June 2020 shift -1. If you prepare for the railway NTPC exam and another railway exam that help you.

Qs.1: What is the full form of CSS?
Answer: Cascading Style Sheet

Qs.3: The shapes of saffron are written by
Ans: Saba Naqvi

Qs.4: When is dance day celebrated?
Ans: 29 April

Qs.5: Who is CM in Goa?
Ans: Pramod Sawant

Qs.6: What is the full form of TRAI?
Answer: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Qs.7: Where is Brihadeeswarar Temple?
Ans: Tamil Nadu

Qs.8: What is the fullform of LIFO?
Ans: Last in first out.

Qs.9: Who leads the Khilafat Movement?
Ans: Maulana Muhammad Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali

Qs.11: When is National Statistics Day celebrated?
Ans: 29 June

Qs.12: In whose name is the Dhola-Sadiya bridge?
Ans: Bhupen Hazarika

Qs.13: When is blood donation day?
Ans: 14 June

Qs.14: What is the full form of FTP?
Answer: File Transfer Protocol.

Qs.15: What is the full form of CAA?
Answer: Computer-assisted accounting

Qs.17: Which is the oldest dam in India?
Ans: Kallanai Dam


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