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1. Who Was The First Muslim President of Indian National Congress?
Ans. Badruddin Tyabji

2. What is The National Record of Dutee Chand in 100 Meters?
Ans. 11.22 Seconds

3. When Was The Digital India Scheme Launched?
Ans. 2015

4. National Water way 3 Passes Through Which State?
Ans. Kerala

5. When did ISRO lose Communication with Chandrayaan-1?
Ans. August 29, 2009

6. What is The Full Form of FTP?
Ans. File Transfer Protocol

7. Who is The Brand Ambassador of The RBI Public Awareness Campaign?
Ans. Shri Amitabh Bachchan

8. Which Country Shares The Largest Boundary With India?
Ans. Bangladesh

9. What is The Valency of Carbon?
Ans. Four

10. Where is RAM Located in The Computer?
Ans. Motherboard

11. Who Wrote Harsha Charita?
Ans. Banabhatta

12. What is The Maximum Strength of Cabinet Ministers?
Ans. 15% of Total Strength of Lok Sabha

13. Who is The Current Chairman of The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)?
Ans. Shri Shiv Das Meena

14. In Which Range is Dhupgarh, The Highest Peak of Madhya Pradesh Located?
Ans. Satpura Range

15. Rani Padmavati is From Which Location?
Ans. Chittoor

16. Which city was the capital of Vijaynagar?
Ans. Hampi

17. Lord Robert Clive returned to India in Which Year?
Ans. 1755

18. Dhalo is A Folk Dance of Which State?
Ans. Goa

19. EVMs Were first used in which state?
Ans. Kerala

20. Who Built Khajuraho temple?
Ans. Chandella Dynasty

21. Where is Coriolis force maximum?
Ans. Poles

22. Which Metal is found in Liquid State at Room Temperature?
Ans. Mercury

1. Which Article is related to The Interstate Council?
Ans. Article 263

2. Article 1 of The Constitution of India Declare India as?
(a) Federal (b) Quasi Federal (c) Unitary State (d) Union of States
Ans. Option (d) Union of States

3. Lavani is The Folk Dance of Which State?
Ans. Maharashtra

4. What is The Percentage of Nitrogen in The Earth’s Atmosphere?
Ans. 78 Percent

5. Gombhira Dance Related Question?

6. Erode Variety of Turmeric GI Tag is Recognized from Which State?
Ans. Tamil Nadu

7. In which year 26th January was celebrated as an Independence Day by INC?
Ans. 1930

8. Where Was The First Settlement of The British in
Ans. Fort St. George

9. Question Related to Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?


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