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1. Why was the Hunter Commission appointed by
British Raj?
Ans. Jallianwala bagh

2. The Almatti dam is on which river?
Ans. Krishna River

3. First viceroy of India?
Ans. Lord canning

4. Which of the following is not a Chola temple?
Ans. Depending on options

5. How is the Speaker of Lok Sabha Elected?
Ans. Elected by a Simple Majority and Voting of

6. Victoria Waterfall is on which river?
Ans. Zambezi

7. Which king is known as vikram Aditya?
Ans. Chandra Gupta-2

8. Which Country is the Largest Producer of Wheat?
Ans. China

9. Question Related to Nagaland Tribes?

10. Growth Hormone is released by which Gland?
Ans. Pituitary Gland

11. What happens when Limewater reacts with carbon dioxide?
Ans. calcium carbonate

12. Most profitable PSU in 2019-20?
Ans. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

13. Largest mica reserve state in India?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

14. Vinegar Acidic name?
Ans. Acetic Acid

15. 2018 Asian Games boxing gold medal winner?
Ans. Amit Panghal

16. The State Legislative Council Falls Under Which
Ans. ARTCLE 168

17. 1 Petabyte is equal to how many bytes?

18. Hampi temple related question?

19. Refraction related question

20. The Badminton series was hosted by which country in 2018?

21. Who won the Oscar for the Best Female Actress
Ans. Renee Zellweger – Judy.

22. Bombay Name Was Changed to Mumbai in Which
Ans. 1995

23. Union Home Minister Amit Shah released which book on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
Ans. Karmayoddha Granth

24. Who is the Father of Ajatashatru?
Ans. Bimbisara

25. The Gateway of India was constructed in which year?
Ans. 31st March 1913

26. Where was Global Investment Summit 2020 held?
Ans. Kerala

27. Gandhi returned from South Africa to India in
which year?
Ans. 9th January 1915

28. Earth summit / Montreal protocol related
Ans. 1992/1987

29. Hard disc is which type of memory?
Ans. Secondary memory

30. CLI full form
Ans. Command-line interface

31. French open host country in 2019?
Ans. Roland Garros in Paris

32. G20 Summit in 2020?
Ans. Riyadh Summit

33. Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal?
Ans. Mamata Banerjee

34. Where was COP 26 Summit Held?
Ans. Glasgow, UK

35. Who is the author of The Ashṭadhyayi?
Ans. Panini

36. Who Defeated The Kakatiya Dynasty?
Ans. Sultan Muhammad bin talaq

1. Fundamental rights are in which part of constitution?
Ans. Part – III

2. What is Epigraphy?
Ans. The Study of Inscriptions

3. In which year Chandrayaan-1 project was accepted by
Ans. 2003

4. UNESCO Recognized World Heritage Sites in India
Related Question?

5. Who won the Dr. M S Swaminathan award for the
period of 2017-2019?
Ans. V Praveen Rao

6. Who is the managing director of the IMF?
Ans. Kristalina Georgieva

7. Who won the Champion of the Earth Award?
Ans. 2019 – Molly Burhans, United States of America.

8. S.I unit of sound?
Ans. Hertz (Hz)

9. Who was the chairman of 1974 Pokhran-1 Test?
Ans. Raja Ramanna

10. Election Commission formation day?
Ans. 25th Jan 1950

11. Who was the daughter of Chandragupta 2?
Ans. Prabhavatigupta

12. What percentage of Government of India holds in SAIL?
Ans. 75%

13. Where is the Headquarter of World Intellectual Property Organization?
Ans. Geneva, Switzerland

14. Who Discovered Neutron?
Ans. James chadwick


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