NTPC Questions Discuss 21-Jan-2021 Discuss Odia PDF

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NTPC Questions Discuss 21-Jan-2021 Discuss Odia PDF

1. Which Of The Following State Does Not Share
Border With Nepal?
A) Bihar B) Uttarakhand
C) West Bengal D) Assam
Ans. Option D (Assam)

2. Which is The Second Highest Peak in
Ans. K2 (Godwin Austin)

3. Where is the NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE (NSE) Headquarters Located?
Ans. Mumbai

4. What is the Largest Gland in Human Body?
Ans. Liver

5. What is The Grey Revolution Related to?
Ans. Fertilizer

6. State Bank of India was nationalized from which Bank in 1955? Ans. Imperial Bank

7. Which of the following kingdom is related to
Ans. Wadiyar

8. Where will The Summer Olympics be held in
Ans. Tokyo

9. Ravindranath Tagore Received Nobel Prize For
Which Book?
Ans. Gitanjali

10. Which of the following is the Echoist of “Taj
Mahal” from Calcutta?
A) Sir William Fort B) Saint George Fort
C) Victoria Memorial
D) James Prince Monument
Ans. Option C (Victoria Memorial)

11. First Five-Year Plan Started in Which Year?

12. Which Among The Following Article is
Related To Official Language?
A) Article 243 B) Article 242
C) Article 340 D) Article 347
Ans. Option D (Article 347)

13. Who among the following is not a RBI
A) Manmohan Singh
B) Kasturi Rangarajan
C) Subramanyam D) None of The Above
Ans. Option C (Subramanyam)

14. ICC 2023 Men’s World Cup Will Be Held at
Which Place?

15. Who is the first secretary general of UN?
Ans. Trygve Lie

16. When was IBRD Bank established?
Ans. 1944

17. Which State has first implemented panchayat
raj act in India?
Ans. Nagour in Rajasthan

18. What is the Ph value of black coffee?
Ans. 4.85 To 5.10

1. Where is The Yellow River Located?
Ans. China

2. Which Meeting First Supported Quit India
Ans. All-India Congress Committee Session

3. Which State Was The North – east Frontier of India
Until 1971?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

4. Which UN Wing is Related To Climate Control?
Ans. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

5. Who Decides The Interest Rates Of A Saving Account
in Bank?
Ans. RBI

6. Who Started Blue Revolution?
Ans. Hiralal Chaudhuri

7. Ink: Pen :: Petrol:?
Ans. Vehicles

8. Which Satellite Was Launched by ISRO in 2018?
Ans. PSLV C40

9. Which is The Largest Bone in Human Body?
Ans. Femur

10. Who is the CEO of NITI AAYOG?
Ans. Amithab Kanth

11. What is the SI Unit of Resistance?
Ans. Ohm

12. What is the chemical formula for Ester?
Ans. RCO2r

13. Which Ministry Organizes Mid-Day Meals?
Ans. Ministry of HRD

14. Which freedom fighter started Al-Hilal newspaper?
Ans. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

15. Who Issues Currency?
Ans. RBI

16. How Many Parts Are There in The Indian
Ans. 25

17. Right To Property Comes Under Which Amendment?
Ans. 42

18. What is the full form of DDI?
Ans. Data Definition Language

19. Who Was The Governor During Plassey War?
Ans. Robert Clive

20. Which disease is Caused Due to Protein Deficiency?
Ans. Kwashiorkor

21. Question Related to Parts of CPU.



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