NTPC Exam Official Questions Analysis 8th-01-2021 shift 1 with pdf

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NTPC Exam Official Questions Analysis 8th-01-2021 shift 1 with pdf

1. Who is the chief justice of India?
Ans. Sharad Arvind Bobde

2. Where is Sagar Matha mount?
Ans. Nepal

3. Arya Samaj was founded by?
Ans. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati on April 10

4. Who is the new chairman of CII (2020-21)?
Ans. Uday Box

5. Capital of Australia?
Ans. Canberra

6. Indian flag ratio of length and breadth?
Ans. 3: 2

7. Where are Gangetic dolphins found in India?
Ans. Ganga

8. Who is the Chairman of the World Bank?
Ans. Malpass David R. Malpass

9. Who is the Captain of the 1983 World Cup?
Ans. Kapil Dev

10. Smallest lake in the world?
Ans. Benxi Lake

11. Tamasha dance form is from which state?
Ans. State of Maharashtra

12. What are the uses of Acid & Base?
Ans. Food Preservative

13. FIFO full form?
Ans. First in First Out

14. Smallest Text File?
Ans. Cookies

15. Largest Coal producing state in India 2020?
Ans. Jharkhand

16. Plotter is an output device or input device?
Ans. Output

17. What is the smallest continent of the world?
Ans. Australia

18. OPEC Headquarters?
Ans. Vienna, Austria

19. Who won the 2007 t-20 cricket world cup?
Ans. India

20. Where was the Indian flag hoisted on foreign soil for the first time?
Ans. Germany (by K. Bhikaiji Cama)

21. Who first coined the term World Wide Web
Ans. Tim Berners-Lee

22. National Science Day
Ans. 28th Feb

23. World’s largest fresh water lake?
Ans. Lake superior

24. Who is the chairman of ISRO?
Ans. K. Sivan

25. First Rajiv Gandhi Kel Ratna Award?
Ans. Viswanath Anand

26. Which article is related to equality of opportunity in matters of public employment?
Ans. Article 16

27. Yellow vests movement?
Ans. France in October 2018

28. Split letter held in which INC section?
Ans. 1907

29. Formula of Gross national income?

30. Aarogya Setu App was developed by?
Ans. National Informatics Center

31. Where is the headquarters of INTERPOL
Ans. Lyon, France

32. First state in thermal power plant?
Ans. Telangana

33. Lepakshi temple dedicated to?
Ans. Lord veerabhadra (shiva)

34. Which is the second constitutional post?
Ans. Vice president

35. First train run between which places?
Ans. Mumbai and thane

36. FORTRAN Full Form?
Ans. Formula Translation (programming)

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