NTPC Exam 2021 Date- 9th June 2021 1st Shift Questions PDF

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NTPC Exam 2021 Date- 9th June 2021 1st Shift Questions PDF

1. Where was Gopal Krishna Gokhale born?
Ans. 9 May 1866 Kotluk,

2. Cinnabar is an ore of?
Ans. Mercury

3. Life of pi cover book written by?
Ans. Yann martel

4. Vitamin B12 Chemical Name?
Ans. cynacobalamin

5. Who was the first woman president of Indian national congress?
Ans. Annie Besant

6. 1st heart transplant in world?
Ans. Dr christiaan barnard

7. What compound smells like rotten eggs?
Ans. hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

8. Which polymer is used for making nonstick utensils?
Ans. Teflon

9. Leader of 1857 Bareilly revolt?
Ans. Khan Bahadur Khan

10. Iran Present currency?
Ans. toman

11. ATP full Form?
Ans. Adenosine triphosphate

12. Which fuel is used in rocket?
Ans. liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen

13. Who discovered hydrogen?
Ans. Henry cavendish

14. Who discovered catalyst?
Ans. Jons jacob berzelius

15. Green color of fireworks is due to?
Ans. Barium

16. Full form of tcp / ip?
Ans. Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

17. Which color is not recognized by the person affected with color blindness?
Ans. Red & green

18. Who was the chairman of Indian University Commission 1902?
Ans. Sir thomas raleigh

19. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of protein?
Ans. Kwashiorkor

20. Which of the following is communication protocol?
Ans. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

21. Nobel Peace Prize 2019 was awarded to?
Ans. Abiy ahmed ali

22. Appiko Movement aim?
Ans. save and protect the resources that cannot be regenerated artificially

23. Kala azar spread by?
Ans. Sand fly

24. Which gas is responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy?
Ans. Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)

25. COBOL full form?
Ans. Common Business-Oriented Language

26. World Turtle Day?
Ans. 23 May

27. URL Full form?
Ans. Uniform Resource Locator

28. How many chromosomes do humans have?
Ans. 23

29. Chairman of twitter?
Ans. Jack dorsey

30. Which day is celebrated as World’s Organ Donation Day?
Ans. Aug 13th

31. National Sports Day is celebrated on?
Ans. Aug 29th

32. Which state introduced 5T plan to control covid-
Ans. Delhi

33. Father of physics?
Ans. Galileo galilei

34. Which country made public transport free?
Ans. Luxembourg

35. Which part of cell has own DNA?
Ans. Nucleus

36. Parliament name of Iran?
Ans. Iranian Majles

37. Capital of Vietnam?
Ans. Hanoi

38. IPL 2020 Winner?
Ans. Mumbai Indians

39. Question related to article 31?
Ans. Right to property


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