Demand and Supply-3

64. If demand curve for radial car tyres is D = 220000 – 19P and supply curve is S = 180000 + 6P, find the equilibrium Quantity? (A) 19200 units (B) 291000

Demand and Supply-2

31. Personal disposable income is- (A) Always equal to personal income (B) Always more than personal income (C) Equal to personal income minus direct taxes paid by household (D) Equal to personal

Demand and Supply-1

1. Equilibrium is a condition that can- (A) Never change (B) Change only if some outside factor changes (C) Change only if some internal factor changes (D) Change only if government policies


1. From the national point of view which of the following indicates Micro Approach? (A) Per capita income in India (B) Study of sales of TISCO (C) Inflation of India (D) Educated