41. Ad Valorem tax is levied– (A) According to value added by the government. (B) According to value addition to a commodity (C) According to value given by producers (D) According to


1. Which among of the following is direct tax? (A) Sales Tax (B) Excise Tax (C) Wealth Tax (D) Entertainment Tax Ans. (C) 2. Which among of the following is largest source


1. Expenditure, taxation and loan taking policies of government are called as- (A) Fiscal Policy (B) Monetary Policy (C) Bank Policy (D) Tax Policy Ans. (A) 2. Fiscal policy is related to

Money & Banking-4

106. Bank Rate refers to the interest rate at which- (A) Commercial banks receive deposits from the public (B) Central bank given loans to Commercial banks (C) Government loans are floated (D)

Money & Banking-3

71. Which amidst the following banks was recently converted to a ‘Universal Bank’? (A) Corporation Bank (B) Bank of Baroda (C) IDBI Bank (D) Canara Bank Ans. (C) 72. The symbol of

Money & Banking-2

36. ‘Gold Bullion Standard’ refers to– (A) Gold coin as an unlimited legal tender (B) Gold as the measure of value (C) Free coinage of gold (D) No restriction on import and

Money & Banking-1

1. Which among of the following is open Bank for small industries? (A) IDBI (B) SIDBI (C) IFCI (D) NABARD Ans. (B) 2. IDBI was established on– (A) July, 1964 (B) July,

National Income-2

56. The term ‘Green GNP’ emphasises- (A) Rapid growth of GNP (B) Increase in per capita income (C) Economic development (D) Sustainable development Ans. (D) 57. The national income consists of a

National Income-1

1.The Expenditure on advertisement and public relation by an enterprise is a part of its- (A) Consumption of fixed capital (B) Final consumption Expenditure (C) Intermediate Consumption (D) Fined Capital Ans. (C)


1. The relationship between the value of money and the price level is an economy is- (A) Direct (B) Inverse (C) Proportional (D) Stable Ans. (B) 2. The Result of cost push