07 january 2021 ntpc exam shift no 2 questions analysis PDF

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07 January 2021 ntpc exam shift no 2 questions analysis PDF

1. Attorney General of India?
Ans. K.k. venugopal

2. Who is the President of Nepal?
Ans. Bidya devi Bhandari

3. Father of geography?
Ans. Eratosthenes

4. India rank in Global Innovative Index?
Ans. 48

5. Sethu Bharatham introduced started in which year?
Ans. 2016

6. Ashoka inscription is in which language?
Ans. brahmi

7. Who is the father of Indian space program?
Ans. Vikram sarabhai

8. Quartz is which type of rocks?
Ans. igneous

9. Where is First Railway University in India?
Ans. Vadodara

10. The royal Swedish academy of sciences selects
Nobel prize in which filed?
Ans. Physics and Chemistry

11. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is located at?
Ans. Telangana

12. OPEC Members?
Ans. 13

13. How many articles are in the Indian constitution?
Ans. 448

14. Which national highway is not in Golden
Ans. nh1

15. How many members are in council of ministers?
Ans. 15% of loksabha strength

16. Who is not in the Chandragupta II Dynasty?
Ans. vishakadhatta

17. The first people who entered into the sea route?
Ans. portugese

18. NATO established in which year?
Ans. 4th April 1949

19. Which Thermo meter is used to measure high tempture?
Ans. Six ‘s thermometer

20. 2019 budget presented by?
Ans. Nirmala sitaraman

21. Who was the first chairman of Rajya Sabha?
Ans. S.radha Krishna

22. Who won the criticism 25 meter Pistol gold
medal in 2018 Asian Games?
Ans. Rahi sarnobhat

23. Which of the following is not related to
Khilafat movement
Ans. Bengal division

24. When was National Rural Health Mission
Ans. 2005

25. How many states of India have shared border with Pakistan?
Ans. 3

26. How many Nuclear Power plants are present in
Ans. 22

27. URL Full Form?
Ans. Uniform Resource Locator

28. Fundamental unit of life?
Ans. Cell

29. Capital of Brazil?
Ans. Brasilia

30. What is the scientific name of silver?
Ans. Argentum

31. Normal Blood Pressure (BP) Value?
Ans. 120/80

32. Bharatmala Pariyojaana is related to?
Ans. Road and Highway Construction

33. Which of the following is the Maharatna Company?
Ans. Sail

34. Who received 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics field?
Ans. Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson

35. CRT Full form?
Ans. Cathode ray Tube

36. Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
Ans. ohn McCarthy

37. Momentum formula?
Ans. P = MV (Mass * Velocity)

38. Which of the following is not noble gas?
Ans. Hydrogen



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