05 jan 2021 shift-2 NTPC Exam official questions answer pdf

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05 jan 2021 shift-2 NTPC Exam official questions answer pdf

Dear Student,

1. Railways Current chairman?
The Ans. Suneet sharma

2. PDF full form?
Ans. Portable Document Format

3. Capital of Meghalaya?
Ans. Shillong

4. Where is Majuli island located?
Ans. Assam

5. Childhood name of Gautam Buddha?
Ans. Sakamuni

6. Asian Development Bank Headquarters
Ans. Manila

7. International Yoga Day?
Ans. June 21st

8. First train in India from where to where?
Ans. (Bombay) and Thane

9. Garbhi hatao was given by?
Ans. Indira gandhi

10. Brics summit 2019 held in which country?
Ans. Brasília,

11. Coldest Desert?
Ans. Antarctica

12. World Soil Day?
Ans. 5TH DEC
13. Capital of Indonesia?

14. Sangai festival is celebrated in which state of India?
Ans. Manipur

15. Who is the President of constituent assembly?
Ans. Babu Rajendra Prasad

16. Pongal celebrated in which state of India?
Ans. Tamil Nadu

17. World Braille Day?
Ans. 4th Jan

18. Simon commission Year?
Ans. 1928

19. LPG Full Form?
Ans. Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

20. CPU Full Form?
Ans. Central Processing Unit

21. Bluetooth is invented by?
Ans. Jaap haartsen

22. UNDP Headquarters?
Ans. New york city

23. Who is known as frontier Gandhi?
Ans. Abdul ghaffar khan

24. LIGO Full Form?
Ans. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory

25. How many zones are there in Indian Railways?
Ans. 18

26. World Sustainable Development Summit
(WSDS) 2020?
Ans. Delhi

27. Gujarat CM
Ans. Vijay Rupani

28. Elephant Caves in
Ans. Maharashtra

29. FIFA Headquarters?
Ans. Zurich, Switzerland

30. International Renewable Energy Agency
Ans. Abu Dhabi (UAE)

31. Bihu Dance?
Ans. Assam

32. GST Started in?
Ans. 2017 July 1st

33. Hubli Railway Station new name?
Ans. Shri siddharoodha swamiji

34. Which Europeans came to India first?
Ans. Portuguese


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